ISO 9001

ISO is a acronym of International Organization for Standardization.
What is ISO 9001?
ISO 9001 is a standard that shows the genernal requirements of a quality management system. And it can only be used to standardize quality management activities within an organization, or used for certification purposes or for signing contraction.
ISO 9001:
  - Is a standard of quality management
  - Illustrate management principles
  - Focus on prevention / improvement
  -  Give the requirements that need to be met
  - Is applicable to all types of organizations regardless of size or type of production / service
Advantage of ISO 9001 for Organization Management
- Support the managers manage activities of organization effectively.
- Improve the credibility of leadership.
- Create a simple, logic, efficient management system
- Improve business efficiency and profits by use of suitable resources, cost saving.
- Seriously control the stage of production, business and service.
 - Create products which are more stable in quality, improve productivity, reduce waste or excess products and unnecessary costs.
- Increase quanlity thanks to time control in production
- Control the quality of input materials because of supplier control.
- Improve key processes and improve product quality.
- Create close relationships between leaders and employees.
- Solve conflicts and internal disagreements; eliminate information conflicts. Everything is controlled and classified responsibilities clearly.
- Promote good working manner, improve employee attitude. Employees know their responsibilities and rights in order to actively do the work.
- Continually improve to provide products that meet customer requirements.

Additional benefits of ISO 9001 application in the market.
- Product is more stable in quality, reduce the number of defective products. Since, it establishs the customers’ trust, additionally dominates the market.
- Meet customers' requirements about quality assurance.
- Support to control quality management totally.
- Satisfy customers' needs which are stricter and stricter on product’s quality.
- Consolidate and develope market scope share. Gain the advantage in competition.
- Increase reputation in the market and generates predominance in order to penetrate international and regional markets.
-  Establish, maintain and enhance the Enterprise about the reputation of product’s quality.
- Meet Industry and State requirements for quality management.
- ISO 9001 is the foundation to develope other management system standards such as environmental management - ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series - OHSAS 18001, Information security management - ISO / IEC 27001, etc.

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