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Production conditions consultant to ensure product quality

Decree 132/2008 / N Đ -CP in December 31, 2008 regulates the details for implementing a number of articles of the Law on
Product Quality related to commodities on conditions to ensure product quality during production process as follow
1. The producers shall implement the requirements for product quality management as defined in Article 28 of the Law on Product Quality  before distributing product to the market, and at the same time, shall retain the resposibility to:
a) Ensure that products are safe for human, animals, plants, property and the environment;
b) Determine and display information to warn any potentially unsafe product.
2. For products in group 2, manufacturers must announce conformity in accordance with relevant technical standards. The announcement of conformity is carried out according to the law on standards and technical regulations. 
For products in group 2 with specific requirements on the production process, the Ministry of the related sector shall establish national technical regulations on the manufacturing process or specified technical requirements for the production process. The manufacturers shall apply the national technical standards related to the conditions of the manufacturing process and shall be certified by a designated certification organization.
3. If products in group 2 have potential features causing unsafety in conditions of transport, storage, preservation, rational use and the purpose for which this new feature has not been provided yet in technical regulations specified in the respective country or the first time products appeared potential unsafe abilities in Vietnam, the producers have the responsibility to prove that safety products for people, animals, plants, property and the environment under the provisions of the products management sectors.This category can only be taken into the market after the related Ministries allow.
Production conditions consultant to ensure product quality

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