Applying management systems

KIS recognizes that "Quality is increasing customers’ efficiency." Therefore, to ensure "customer benefit," KIS commits to all clients that "KIS Consulting Services shall only complete when client has recieved the certificate.".
iso 9001 2015 156
iso 22000 156 c
iso 14001 156
haccp logo 156
gmp 156
ISO 9001 ISO 22000 ISO 14001 HACCP   GMP
iso 17025 156
ohsas 18000 156
sa 8000 156
5s web c 156
ISO/IEC 17025 OHSAS 18001 SA 8000 Kaizen/5S    

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Commitment of KIS

KIS is aware that “Quality brings the effectiveness to customers”. Therefore, KIS commit that “The consulting service is accomplished only when the customers received certificates” in order to ensure customer’s interests. This is the reason why KIS is willing to consult customer on selecting...

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