KIS is one of the leading consulting organizations of Science & Technology in the field of application consulting for MSC- ASC CoC standards in  aquaculture.
Commitment of KIS:
KIS recognizes  that "Quality is increasing customers’ efficiency." Therefore, to ensure "customer benefit," KIS commits to all clients that "KIS Consulting Services shall only complete when client has recieved the certificate."
1.What is ASC MSC-CoC standard?
ASC is the abbreviation of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council. It is an independent and nonprofit organization which was established in 2009 by the World Wide Fund (WWF) and the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) to manage the global standards for aquaculture responsibility.
ASC has been built by ASC based on 4 foundations which are environmental, society, animal welfare and food safety.
ASC certification standard is an international recognition for responsibly farmed seafood, minimized adverse impacts on the environment, the ecosystem, the communities, and good labor practice. ASC is getting remarkable progress in its objective to become the world leading certification program and label for responsibly farmed seafood. ASC put safe fishery products from the farm to the market, while limiting the impact on the environment and society. 
MSC is the abbreviation of Marine Stewardship Council. This non-government international organization is established to encourage the sustainable fishing areas and responsibly fisheries practice worldwide through long-term market solutions, in order to meet the requirements and goals for both the environment and trade.
Aquatic products labeled trademarks of MSC are ensured to be exploited from a sustainable fishery responsibly. Currently, MSC is one of the focused eco-label categories in the world as it helps to certify sustainable fisheries industries. MSC is considered as a passport ensuring the development of safe seafood and trademark for Vietnamese seafood products.
MSC-CoC standard includes requirements for system control with documents, ability to recognize trademark and trace the product origin as well as record keeping.

- ASC MSC-CoC proves that not only farmed seafood is compliant with good agricultural practice, but the processed, distributed and stored aquatic products are also originally traceable.
- Products manufactured according to ASC and MSC-CoC standards ensure food safety hygiene. Also, it is easy for them to be distributed through supermarkets, high-class restaurants or exported to markets like the EU and Japan. As a result, the enterprise’s competitiveness and profitability are improved.
- The product packaging labeled ASC and MSC-CoC certification would help consumers to identify safe, environmentally and social responsible products, which encourages customers to consume the products in the long run. Certification Label is valid until three years.
- ASC and MSC-CoC create a sustainable aquaculture industry so as to minimize negative impacts on the environment and ensure social benefits.
- ASC and MSC-CoC contribute to change farmers and enterprises’ production habit and conceptual thought on sustainable production.

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Commitment of KIS

KIS is aware that “Quality brings the effectiveness to customers”. Therefore, KIS commit that “The consulting service is accomplished only when the customers received certificates” in order to ensure customer’s interests. This is the reason why KIS is willing to consult customer on selecting...

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