GLOBAL GAP (Global Good Agricultural Practices  - Global Good Agricultural Practice) is the standard to test food safety from A to Z throughout the production chain, starting from farm preparation, rearing to harvesting, processing and storage. (Including the factors related to production such as the environment, drugs, chemicals, packaging and even the working conditions and welfare of famers). This is the standards for assurance of Vietnamese agricultural, seafood products to join in the global market during the current economic integration
. Overview of GlobalGAP
GlobalGAP standards have been developed by an Equality Association of manufacturers, retailers, service organizations, suppliers of agricultural products, the certification bodies, the consulting companies, fertilizers and pesticides manufacturers,  universities ... and their associations. This is a set of standards developed to apply voluntarily for agricultural production (crop, livestock and aquaculture) in the world. Also, this is the standard on good agricultural practices in the production, harvest and post-harvest handling processes. 
GlobalGAP is a connection tool between enterprises and enterprises, between  manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural and food products, hence, it is not aimed to labeling on products for consumers, but interested in outputs and manufacturing locations.
To provide high quality products and satisfied the export standards, manufacturers is required to understand and apply GlobalGap standards. This standard is used as an applied manual of good manufacturing practices in agriculture (Good Agricultural Practice - GAP) anywhere in the world. GlobalGAP basic foundation is the balanced partner relationship between agricultural producers and retailers who wish to build efficient processes and standards for certification activities. 

Content of GlobalGap Standard
GlobalGap provides evidence that the farms or the enterprises have properly carried out standards in food agriculture, including:
+ Committing to maintaining  consumer confidence in food safety 
+ Minimizing detrimental impact on the environment, whilst conserving the nature and wildlife.
+ Reducing the use of agrichemicals.
+ Improving the efficiency of natural resource use.
+ Ensuring a responsible attitude to workers’ health

Benefits of GlobalGAP
- Confirm the trademark and brand name to the consumer;
- Enhance the value of the product;
- Create more opportunities on the expanding and competitive global market 

For consumers and retailers
GlobalGap certificate  is to ensure that foods reach an acceptable level of safety and quality; The manufacturing process is proven to be sustainable and beneficial for the health, safety and welfare of workers and the environment, and considers the issues of "benefit" of livestock. Without this assurance, agricultural producers can be denied by market.
In the trend of international integration and the increasing competitiveness of agricultural products, achieving GlobalGAP certificate is one of the prerequisites to enable manufacturers to grasp the initiative in order to survive and grow in the complex agricultural market today. 
GlobalGAP not only plays a role as a bridge between producers and consumers to help agricultural products to overcome technical barriers and come into the demanding markets as well as domestic and foreign retail chains, but also helps agricultural products to be welcomed by consumers. In addition, GlobalGAP supports producers to manage  production operations and reduce risks. This is the main advantage that makes GlobalGAP become the solution for Ministries and departments to resolve output issue of Vietnamese agricultural products.

Contact / GlobalGAP Consultants
To supply qualified standard agricultural products for export, manufacturers need to understand and apply GlobalGAP standards. KIS Science & Technology Consulting Co.Ltd understands all the problems of the customers to conduct training and consulting about GlobalGAP. With the strength of more than 10 year experience, KIS is one of Science & Technology consulting leading organizations in the fields of training and consulting for applying GlobalGAP. "KIS’s consulting services is only completed when client has received  certificate". Therefore, the experts of KIS are always with you from approaching GlobalGAP to choosing the  most quality and prestigious certification organizations.

Translator: KIS Office

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