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The international standard SA 8000 (the latest version) was issued in 2008, presenting the requirements of social responsibility management for improving working conditions in the organization. SA 8000 has been established by Economic Priority Accreditation Council, which belongs to Economic Priorities council (CEP), and based on the International Labour Organization Convention, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Global Declaration of Human Rights. Accrediting Council for Economic Priority is a Non-Governmental organization, specializing in the areas of cooperating social responsibility, which was established in 1969, and its headquarter is in New York, USA.
SA 8000 standard is applicable for organizations/companies of all scale in both developed and developing countries. At the same time, is the basis for the companies to improve working conditions, provide solutions and support technology to change perceptions in order to improve living and working conditions.
Implementing of SA8000 in Vietnam
Currently, have a lot of Vietnamese enterprises approached and applied the quality management standard ISO 9001, the standard for environmental management ISO 14001. However, only a few enterprises have achieved SA 8000: 2008 social responsibility management and labor conditions standard (ISO 26000: 2008). This is a worrying situation for the SA 8000 standard is one of three standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA 8000) are considered mandatory for Vietnamese enterprises exporting goods to the US and Europe markets in the current integration period. 
In the view of many economic experts, the implementation of SA 8000 in Vietnam is very convenient because of  the standards of the SA 8000 has many similarities with the laws and policies relating to the protection of labourer rights. If enterprise implements well the Labour Code as well as the regulations of the State, has met almostl of the SA 8000 standard.

Standard SA 8000 is based on conventions and recommendations of the International Labour Organization (ILO) with 13 requirements:
1. Minimum age and recommendations;
2. Recommendations on health and occupational safety;
3. Convention on forced labor;
4.Association freedom and protection of the rights on organization convention;
5. The right on organization convention and group negotiation;
6. Convention on equal remuneration;
7. Abolish forced labor;
8. Convention on Discrimination (the laboring work and occupational);
9. Convention on the representatiive  of laborers
10. Convention on minimum employment age;
11. Convention on Health and Occupational Safety
12. Convention on recruitment (hiring) and vocational rehabilitation
13. Convention on labor at home;

Benefits of SA 8000
The application of SA8000 on the activities of the organization will bring many benefits, which can be categorized as follows:

Benefits from the customer's perspective:
If a company has monitoring procedures to ensure its products are sold in the name and label of the company was created in response to customer expectations, this standards will support  for minimizing the cost of monitoring.
Having higher trust that the products and services have been created in an safe and fair work environment. The requirements of continuous improvement and the necessary to conduct periodic audit of the third party as a basis for improving the company’s image and reputation.

Benefits from the supplier's perspective:
Provide opportunity to gain competitive advantage, attract more customers and go into easily new markets, at the same time giving company as well as managers "assurance of social responsibility" .
Apply the standard SA 8000 can reduce various social required managing cost. Giving the Company a better foothold in the labor market. Clear commitment to ethical standards and society to help  the company can easily attract employees who are trained and skilled.
The company's commitment to the welfare of employees will increase their loyalty and commitment to the Company. This not only helps companies to increase productivity, but also have better relationships with customers and gain customer’s loyalty. 
According to Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, & Social Welfare, in fact, have a lot of Vietnamese enterprises have policies with employees better than the requirements of the SA 8000. The income of employees in many enterprises is even higher minimum level not only in Vietnam, but also in the region. But now, only about tens of  Vietnamese enterprises are certified  stabdard SA 8000.
For many reasons, it is the leading cause of perception: Many enterprises are not aware of the need to develop standards for integration, not aware that, today, the foreign importer under pressure from non-governmental organizations, trade union organizations, advisory groups and the media. The reason that enterprises are listless and unrealized for applying this standard because they do not see the real benefits and long term of SA 8000, therefore, they are quite vague about SA 8000.
Many organizations/enterprises intend to implement SA 8000 but do not know how to start? How much does it cost? To answer these questions, please contact us, the experts will help you with the commitment "KIS’s onsulting services is only completed when client receives certificate". 

Please contact us for assistance in SA 8000 consulting via email: or via hotline: 0942.99.66.88 for details.

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