Biological characteristics of Artemia

Living environment: Adult Artermia ranges from 10 to 12 mm in length. In the natural environment, it can be alive in a environment having a salinity of more than 35 ‰. However, it doesn’t own the itseft-defence cability. It is a reason why Artemia can exist only in the oceanic areas with salinity over 70 ‰ in which there are no creatures killing Artemia.
Artemia can grow from nauplius to adult in 8 days
Artemia is filter-feeder that  feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from water without selection. It eats organic humus, micro-algae, bacteria, ….

Reproduction cycles:
After 3 weeks of nourishment, adult females of Artermia strains reproduce ovoviviparously and oviparously, releasing either nauplius larvae or encysted embryos, respectively. In the favourble condition, the matured females can produce eggs which is fertilized at uterus in order to grow into free-swimming nauplii. After that, they are released by the mother into outside environment. While in extreme conditions (such as high salinity, low oxygen levels), eggs are fertilized to develop into embryos. The embryos only grow up to gastrula stage. At this moment, they get surounded by a thick shell and enter a state of metabolic standstill or dormancy (diapause) and are then released by the female. Napuplius larvae are 400-500 μm in length. In the period of develoment, the larva grows and differentiates through about 15 molts in both shape and size.

Artemia can grow from nauplius to adult in 8 days and start the first reproduction. Normally, the first reproduction is appeared after 12-15 days. Under optimal conditions, Artermia can live about 6 months. Each female Artermia can produce from 1.500 to 2.500 nauplius larvae or encysted embryos.

Translator: Nguyen An


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