Discount policies for agencies

Regarding the market expansion and the supply of qualified Artemia product for consumers, KIS counsultant company (KIS) has established and developed a system of agencies and supply them based on the following principles and policies:

I. Principles of sustainable cooperation
  • KIS commit that KIS will grow up long-term and sustainable cooperation with agencies. This operation depends on the commitments and targets signed in the contract between KIS and agencies.
  • The cooperation is a win-win and equal situation for both sides.
  • Supporting policies of KIS are similar and reasonable for all agencies.
  • KIS will liaise agencies to widen the consuming market, distribution channels of agencies, and provide the product of the highest quality combining the most comfortable price.
II. Price and discount policies for agencies
- KIS sends price quotation including retail price and discount percentage to agencies. The retail price does not include shipping costs.
- KIS commits that is going to supply products which is the same price comparing with the one in the price quotation.
- KIS will continuously review and improve on preferential policies for agencies that import goods regularly.
- In case of increases or decreases in the selling price, the agencies will be notified at least 30 days to establish an appropriate import or sale policy.
III. Contract & debt
- After the agency and KIS sign the contract, the agency will pay 100% of the contract value before delivery.
- Basing on the results of cooperation and payment history, the agency will be enjoyed the better incentives on credit and debt policies.
Iv. Support
Support for Marketing
- Agencies will be provided brochures which include the product’s information and images and other information. Agencies can take that information to put on their website.
- Agencies’ information will be updated on KIS website or social pages.
- Agencies are allowed to updated information on price, goods, products, policies, marketing programs, sale promotion documents.
- KIS will help in advertising the brand of agencies at marketing events (workshops, fairs, trade shows, ...). Please contact us for more details.
- KIS will introduce customers who locate near the agencies’ area to buy goods.
- KIS will send experts to train, guide as well as support officers of agency on product information and sales skills if required.
Support for goods:
- Agencies will be provided documents proving the product’s quality, origin, etc.  if required.
- Agency will be exchanged a new product within 03 days from the date of receipt if the product is identified to be the fault of manufacturers. In the case of no exchange, KIS will give the maximum assistance to solve the problem in the best way.
- KIS will help to find the most suitable transportation partner for agencies if required.
V. Requirements for agency
- Agency proactively builds sale networks, market development, providing their products by the way that is in adherence to laws and show professionalism.
- KIS will try the best to assist agencies in opening new branches. Agencies need to set up their development plan; then, announce the excepted location to KIS. By virtue of that, the agency’s branch will be received the KIS protection on the whole system and avoid unfair competition between agencies.
- Agencies must proactively create a business plan, customer development plan, plan of user approach in their area.
- When the marketing events are held in the areas of agencies, agencies will combine or assist with KIS in event management.
- If agencies are an exclusive distributor agency, they aren’t allowed to consume similar products of other brands or unknown origin products.

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