Consultancy process for establishment and application of GLOBAL G.A.P standard

KIS will eduacate awareness training on GLOBAL G.A.P for employees within the scope of system application at Customer's request.
Consultancy process of establishment and application of GLOBAL G.A.P   standards

1. Surveying the real state of organization
- The first step in the process of consulting on establishing and applying the management system according to GLOBALGAP, KIS Science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. will send a team of experts to survey the field at the organization which has need to be certified GLOBAL G.A.P  .
- This survey aims to assess the actual state of production in organization, examine the size of production process and existing facilities. The survey is conducted in 1 day or longer, depending on the size and actual situation of the organization.
- After surveying, KIS will carry out the consulting about the scope, how to register to be certified, certification body, additional facilities, and make a plan for trainning, establishment and application GLOBAL GAP in detail.
2. Training on GLOBAL GAP                                                                      

- Awareness training on GLOBAL G.A.P:  When the plan is approved by customers, KIS will conduct awareness training on GLOBAL G.A.P   for employees within the scope of organization’s system in accordance with organization’s requirements. The purpose of this training is that employees understand:
+ General concept and knowledge in GLOBAL G.A.P.
+ The importance of applying GLOBAL G.A.P.
+ The basic principles and regulations of the GLOBAP G.A.P standards which need to be applied.
The training help employees gain the basic knowledge when organization establishs, implement, maintain and continually improve the quality management system basing on GLOBAL GAP standards.
- Training: Internal auditors: The target of this training course is that officers will be equipted the comprehensive and special knowledge of GLOBAL G.A.P. By dint of that, these officers will have adequate competence to:
+ Take responsibility for key position in QMS of Global G.A.P   
+ Establish processes and forms by themshelve in production practice.
+ Organize Internal audit and continually improve the management system depending on GLOBAL GAP.
The training of internal audit help organization creates qualified staff for maintainance and improvement the quality management system after consulting and certification process. If personnel is not enough competence to become a auditor, KIS will provide special support when organization implement ​​internal audits.

3. Establish and apply a quality management system depending on GLOBAL GAP
- Document system establishment: When the training courses is done, KIS will work with customers to develop a documentation system for the quality management system in the same time. Documentary system includes at least:
+ Systematic processes: Quality manual and processes to meet the requirements of GLOBAL GAP standards such as: Document control procedure, Record control process, Food defense process, Process of handling complaint, etc. KIS will operate with customers to build these processes based on the actual manufacturing of organization
+ Technical process are the manufacturing processes that occur at the orgainztion. KIS will assist customers to modify these procedures to meet the requirements of GLOBAL GAP standards (if it is necessary).
-  Risk assessment: KIS will support customers to implement risk assessment to obey the requirements of the standard (risks of food hygiene and safety, risks of land and water, ...); after that, sampling is performed if it is necessary.
- Guidance on application of new document system: KIS will assist customers to guide employees to apply the system of building document and records according to GLOBAL GAP standards.
- Internal audit: Before registering for certification according to GLOBAL GAP, KIS will coordinate with customers to organize an internal audit about quality management system. Based on the audit findings, KIS will assist the customer to fix the unconformities and improve the management system. If it is necessary, KIS will conduct a second internal audit after implementing the corrective actions which ensure organization’s management system is ready for certification audits.

4. Certification Audit
- Certification audit registration: In consultancy process, KIS will give information on GLOBAL GAP audit boies and guide customers to collect records and documents for certification audit or representative of organization will directly have a business with certification body if needed.
- Selecting a laboratory and supporting for sending analysis samples to laboratories in order to meet GLOBAL G.A.P requirements.
- Certification audit and conducting the corrective actions after audit: KIS will support customers throughout the certification audit process, and correct non-conformities (if they appear)
- Receiving certificate: KIS will assist customers to organize a ceremony to receive GLOBAL G.A.P certificate (if necessary).

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