Procedure of Global G.A.P certification audit

The first step in the GLOBAL G.A.P certification process is that the manufacturer must select a certification party that has enough competence, reputable and is compulsorily certified.
Procedure of Global G.A.P certification audit
GLOBAL G.A.P certification process
In recent years, more and more manufacturers know GLOBAL G.A.P as a safe manufacturing standard to ensure hygiene, product origin and quality. Besides, it is seemed as the key to export products to demanding markets. In fact, the number of manufacturers, however; registered certification is still very small. Moreover, the organizations being from small to medium in size still face with the challenges in process of registration and certification audit according to Global G.A.P. In this post, KIS Science and Technology Consultancy Co., Ltd. introduces the basic information about GLOBAL GAP certification process to help answer these questions.
GLOBAL G.A.P certification process

 1. Selecting a certification organization
The first step in the GLOBAL G.A.P certification process is that the manufacturer must select a certification party that has enough competence, reputable and is compulsorily certified.
A list of these organizations and their scope of certification is posted on the GLOBAL G.A.P website. The selected certification organization shall have an accredited scope that is compatible with the product which the manufacturer wants to be certified. By dint of KIS experiences, it is possible that manufacturers can request the consultancy to assist in selecting and doing business with a certification body. This saves time and helps customer select the most appropriate certification body.
The certification body is responsible for creating manufacturer’s information on the GLOBAL G.A.P database, updating information, and collecting fees as prescribed.
The contract of manufacturer and certification body can be valid for up to 4 years, and then can be extended for another 4 years.

2. Submit records and document
The manufacturer must fill with necessary information in the certificate application form, and can choose one of the following certification methods:
+ Method 1: Apply for individual manufacturers, including:
Single manufacturer at only one manufacturing area
A single manufacturer or an organization that owns multiple production areas and does not apply a quality management system
A single manufacturer or an organization that owns multiple production sites and that organization or manufacturer applied the Quality Management System.
+ Method 2: Apply for a group of manufacturers who have the same legal entity and apply a quality management system.
Theoretically, manufacturers can apply for certification through a Benchmarked Scheme. However, at present, there is no standard in Vietnam to assess this method.
When submitting a certification application form, the manufacturer commits to comply with the GLOBAL G.A.P General Regulations, including fee requirements and the criteria applie for product.
After receiving the complete application form, the certification body is responsible for confirming the registration, and announcing the GLOBAL G.A.P (GGN) number to the manufacturer.

3. Evaluation certification
Regardless manufacturers that register method 1 - a single manufacturer at only one area, or multiple production areas but do not apply the quality management system, the certification audit team will evaluate the entire of registration scope at all production areas.
Concerning manufacturers registered method 2, or method 1 but they applied quality management systems, the audit team will evaluate the quality management system and at least square root of the total number of production areas (or the total number of manufacturers. export) which are registered for certification.
Producers shall comply 100% of the major conformity criteria (Major) and at least 95% of minor conformity criteria (minor). The observations are optional, but can be upgraded to the comforminty criteria accordingly in later versions.
The certification body shall award a certification decision in no longer than 28 days after the manufacturer corrects all nonconformities found in the certification audit. In the situation that no nonconformities are recorded, the certification decision will be made no longer than 28 days after the audit date.

4. Recertification
GLOBAL G.A.P certification valids for a period of 12 months. Before the certificate expires, the manufacturer shall contact the certification body to evaluate the recertification if they wish to renew the certificate.
The recertification audit can be hold before expiry date of 8 months, or 4 months after the expiry date (if the certification body additionally extends certification with comfortable reason).

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