Artemia introduction

What is Artemia? Biological characteristics and usage of artemia
What is artemia?     
Artemia is a newly hatched larva with very high nutrition, high protein content and lots of amino acids, fatty acids. Artemia is used as food for shrimp and fish.
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Artermia provides necessary minerals for the reproductive stage of shrimp and fish as well as creating pigments for ornamental fish. In the process of growing ornamental fish, Artemia is gotten into the fish body. Or insert the desired drugs, active ingredients into the Artemia nauplii in order to the animals eat them to treat disaese and take care of ornamental fish.
Artemia contains high nutrition for ornamental fish
Artemia has a high protein content of about 60-70%. The nitrogen content is about 50%. The fatty acids not contained nitrogen is > 17% mg / g. Artemia supports the digestive system of ornamental fish to act better, protect the intestinal tract of fish from harmful agents as well as help the process of absorbing introgen into the body of the fish quickly.
Notes when using Artemia
Fish culturists need to use the alive mature Artemia. And they can to use freezed nauplii or hatch form cysts to feed fish. The use of Artemia has a positive effect on fish survival ratio, especially in the artificial water environment. Besides, it help the color of fish to be more beautiful and fresher.
Instructions on how to hatch artemia as food for shrimp and fish
Artemia is like a small crustacean which is in branch of Branchiopoda. In favorable conditions, the cysts submerge into seawater. They suck seawater and start metabolizing to grow.
The method of Artemia larvae nourishment is quite simple. Depending on the amount of shrimp and fish, we can choose eggs to hatch for use as food. Normally, every 1 gram of Artemia eggs will be hatched in 1 liter of seawater.
If there is no seawater, fish culturists can create artificial seawater by taking 30 grams of granular salt without iodine and dissolving with 1 liter of water to make a suitable environment for Artemia baby coming out of egg. After that, they put Artemia eggs in mixed water and rotate. By the time, aeration machine is used continuously. After 24 hours, Artemia nauplii break out egg’s shell and fish culturist will harvest them for fish food.
How to harvest Artemia nauplii
Before harvesting Artemia, culturist needs to turn off the aerators. Then, they can use a sweep-net to remove the floated body in the upper level. This is also known as the egg’s shell of Artemia. The lower part is considered Artemia nauplii. This part will be filtered out and fed.
Any cone-shaped device may be used to incubate the larvae. The use of that device such as a 2-liter inverted water bottle or similar cone tools are used to help air form aerator moves regularly and remove dead spots. By dint of that, the process of raising Artemia will achieve high results.


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